Hosted by: Tyler Cohen Wood

Guests: Scott Schober | Bob Schiff | Ken Muir

Episode Description

We all hear stories about the Dark Web. We may even get reports from our credit monitoring services that our information has been found on the Dark Web. The Dark Web conjures up images of buying and selling illicit drugs, weapons, malware, ransomware, user credentials, bank accounts, credit cards, health records or really anything, all paid for with cryptocurrency. But what does this mean to us in our connected lives? We’ll take on the questions, explain the Dark Web in a different way, and show you how it affects you. What can I do to keep my information safe? How do I know if my information is on the Dark Web and what can I do if it is? In this episode, we’ll answer all these questions and demystify the scariest place on the internet. Join us with Dark Web cybersecurity experts Scott Schober, Bob Schiff and Ken Muir as we take you on a journey through the Dark Web to help you keep your data in your hands and protect your connected life.