Episode Description

Today, securing your phone is just as important as locking your doors, protecting your social security number and your hardening your banking information from hackers. Listen to our podcast to learn how to prevent and protect yourself.

Which is scarier, losing your smartphone or your wallet? Your entire life is on your phone, from your finances to your social media, location data, photos, business, email, Alexa, home alarm system, car communications systems, information about your kids–anything and everything about you and your life is there. Your smartphone is a treasure trove for hackers and anyone or any app that wants to profile you, your family and your business. Sound frightening? It is. How can we keep our data protected and in our control? How can our phone settings keep us safe? This week, join me and YouTube celebrities David and David from Payette Forward as we go through your phone step by step and show you how to protect your cyber life!